Lose 3kg In A Day With This Natural Laxative!

There are numerous meds and laxative teas that can eliminate the toxins and waste from the body but they are less effective than the following remedy. The prunes are natural laxative and they are rich in fiber. They can ease irregularity very fast and soften the stool.

You will need:

-Five cups of water (boiled);
-One cup of plums (150g);
-One cup of dates (boneless) (150g);


Cut the dates and prunes in little pieces and add them in the boiling water. Simmer the mixture until the mixture minimizes and it is ready for consumption. Eat it in the morning. You can combine it in smoothie, over piece of bread, in yogurt or cereal. Add several plums in water overnight and in the next morning consume them.

-When you consume fiber rich foods, consume a lot of water as it helps in preventing irregularity;
-Try yoga positions or consume tea from senna leaves. You should also increase the fiber consumption;
-The lemon water is also great as it softens the stool and works great against defecation.

Source > losingweightdone.com