He Drank 4 Liters Of Ice Tea A Day – Doctors Were Surprised By The Results

Doctors at Arkansas finally managed to solve the mystery of the poor health of a 56 year old patient, who called the doctor because of poor health, with a sense of fatigue, weakness and pains throughout the body.

After the laboratory analysis, doctors noticed that the level of calcium oxalate is very high, and it is the main indicator of a problem with the kidneys or rather with kidney stones. It surprised doctors because the patient claimed that neither he nor anyone of his close family have never had kidney problems.

In conversation with the doctors the patient told that he drank about 4 liters of iced tea every day. After that it was confirmed that the iced tea caused kidney problem that was so serious that the patient ended up on dialysis.

The only logical explanation for the patient’s health condition was consuming too much of this drink that can cause kidney failure.

This habit caused major disruption to health of the 56-year-old patient. The doctors concluded that the damage was irreparable and that he will have to go on dialysis for the rest of his life