This Natural Painkiller That Grows In Your Backyard Has Similar Effects To Opium!

Like a mix among a dandelion and a thistle, wild lettuce offers been used because an all natural suffering killer and sedative intended for millennia. In the 1800s, crazy lettuce was considered an alternative for opium and was called “poor man’s opium sometimes. ”

The Hopi Indians smoked the sap to induce a moderate content dream condition. Today Even, in France, drinking water distilled coming from wild lettuce is utilized as a moderate relaxing.

Crazy member of the lettuce family contains a resinous milky sap, which usually contains a little amount of pain-relieving opiates. When it is dried and gathered, it really is called lactucarium. The primary energetic substances of lactucarium are actually known as lactupicrin, lactucopicrin and lactucin, and get discovered to possess junk activity equivalent or higher compared to that of ibuprofen in mice.

Lactucin and lactucopicrin were also discovered to have sedative activity in measurements of spontaneous motions of the rodents.

Used before Victorian Era

Researchers in Iran have got discovered that opium lettuce was popular while a painkiller and relaxing prior to the Even victorian period. Therefore, chances are that it’s been utilized for eons.

Inside the paper, Member of the lettuce family, lactuca sp. as a Therapeutic Plant found in Polish Magazines of the nineteenth Century, the Institute intended for the annals of Technology established, “The actions of the material was less strong than those of opium, yet free from the side-effects, and medical practice showed that in some full cases lactucarium produced better curative effects than opium”.

Despite opium lettuce not really containing opium, it has multiple features that act like this. Furthermore to its pain-relieving properties, it is known for assisting with coughs also. It has actually been utilized effectively inside the mitigation of whooping coughing (pertussis) symptoms.

Opium Lettuce Uses


Wild Lettuce has a mild sedative effect which makes it great for anxiety.

Sleep and Insomnia

Wild Lettuce has long been used to treat insomnia.

To relieve Pain and Tension
Wild Lettuce is also called opium lettuce because of its opiate like effect. Not only does it reduce pain, it has been known to cause a mild opiate like high. This quality makes it very useful in relieving pain.

For Migraine / Headaches
Wild Lettuce is believed to reduce the frequency and severity of migraine headaches.

For Asthma

Wild Lettuce was originally used as a treatment for asthma. Even now, many people claim that their use of the herb is responsible for fewer and less severe asthma related problems.

As a mild Euphoric

One of the most prominent reasons people choose Wild Lettuce is for the opiate like effect. Wild Lettuce causes a feeling of mild euphoria very similar to opiates, though it contains no actual opiates. Not only is this completely legal, it provides an affect similar to opiates without altering the results of a drug test.

Eating large doses of opium lettuce can cause nausea, vomiting, anxiety, and dizziness. So, it is probably best not to use it in a salad.

How to Use Opium Lettuce

When a stem or leaf from a wild Lettuce plant is broken or cut, it will bleed a thick milky sap. This sap can be made into an alcohol tincture, (Lactucarium) or the fresh leaves and flowering tops can be tinctured, or dried and made taken as teas, smoked or less often in capsule form.

Approximately 1.5 grams of opium lettuce sap is typically infused in a tea. It is alleged to have a sweet taste. Only about 0.25 grams are smoked in a pipe. It is considerably more potent when smoked.