7 Reasons You Should Know What Is Colonoscopy And How It’s Done

You have been invited to have a colonoscopy because small growths called polyps were found when you had NHS bowel scope screening. This means there is a chance you have polyps further up the

bowel as well. If you are over 50yo maybe it’s time to screen early when it easier to treat before certain risk. A colonoscopy means routine

test to examine the lining of the bowel called the large intestine. Keep in mind that colonoscopy repeats every 10 years and if you won’t be at higher risk you should test frequently.

1. What is Colonoscopy

Colonoscopy is a test similar to bowel screening to checks your large bowel than bowel scope screening and takes a longer time. This situation can detect the only doctor in early-stage to

remove colon polyps because may growths develop into cancer and the second leading cause-related deaths. Colonoscopies may be done anywhere even in your private room it just takes about 30

minutes. If you do this in a surgery center, someone, must come with you and drive you home because your doctor will give you a medicine to relax and sleep.

2. Different Type

Some health problems mean that it might not be possible for you to have a colonoscopy. If this is the case, you will be offered another test instead. Colorectal screening or conventional

colonoscopy involves inserting a colonoscope into the colon to send pictures into the monitor. But the different option is a virtual scan of your colon X-rays to produce detailed images to

insert air into your colon.

3. Frightening or Embarrassing

If you feel dread about having a colonoscopy, consider that many people don’t feel pain during the tests than they expected. But may feel cramping because of air which is puffed into the colon.

4. Hurt or Not

If you feel pain your doctor will give you medicine to feel relaxed and relieve pain then you will sleep likely better. The sedative is usually given by injection into your arm and may make

you drowsy. Note that you may feel under pressure or cramping within the test. If you feel this or you are uncomfortable tell your doctor maybe he can take care for you with medications.

5. How Much  Need Time

After you are done within colonoscopy you will return as normally and recover after the procedure. Remember that you are not allowed to go to

work you need be free with a purpose to cleanse your colon, don’t drink alcohol for 24 hours. Keep in mind that after this procedure try to skip eating solid foods.

6. What Happen if They Find Polyp

If a polyp is found during a colonoscopy doctors can remove it during the test. But If a polyp is large and difficult to be removed should be tested for cancer. The results of this tissue

analysis need additional procedures then you will need to have a conventional colonoscopy to remove and test the polyp for cancer.

7. How Often Have Risks

A colonoscopy is safe but in cases can cause harm to the bowel. If happens to bleed you don’t need to worry it is usually easy to stop. You just need surgery to repair the bowel.