3-Ingredients Smoothie to Strengthen Up Knee Tendons and Ligaments

The knees play an important role as they are in charge of the mobility extremely, flexibility, and balance of the physical body, plus they support us to leap, operate, walk, and stand.

However, they can experience lead and damage to pain due to various reasons.

For example, a strenuous workout might lead to an more than exertion around the joint in the knee or perhaps genetics because there might be minimal the liquid which lubricates the knees joints and prevents the bone coming from gnashing with bone. In this full case, the thigh bone and the knee bone might touch and cause pain.

The pain may be due to bad footwear also, as for case in point, high heel shoes great strain on the leg joints from the knees apply. In this real method, the ankle joint and the Achilles ligaments face great stress.

Moreover, excess bodyweight causes issues, as it should be carried by the knees.

Nevertheless , there is an organic treatment that will assist you fortify the structures and sexy joints on a totally secure and great tasting way. The ingredients are actually high in potent properties which usually reduce the discomfort and swelling with the knee joint.

They are saturated in silicon also, bromelain, vitamin C, and magnesium (mg), and provide vitality and strength to the bones thus. They will consist of grapefruits, cinnamon, oatmeal, almonds, blueberry, and natural, natural darling.

This is how to prepare this delicious 6- ingredient smoothie:


  • 1 cup organic orange juice
  • 7 gr cinnamon
  • 2 cup oatmeal
  • 40gr almonds
  • 2 cups sliced, pineapple chunks
  • 40gr raw honey
  • 1cup of clean water

Method of preparation:

Add the oatmeal in a pot with water and cook it on the stove. Then, add the pineapple juice to the pot. In a blender, mix the honey, orange, almonds and cinnamon, in order to get a homogeneous blend.

Next, add the mixture or oatmeal and pineapple juice to the blender, and blend once more. You can add a few ice cubes to the smoothie!

Apart from its amazing taste and smell, this smoothie will alleviate the pain in the knee joints, and will also increase your flexibility and mobility.

Source: www.healthandlovepage.com
Reference: mamabee.com