Scientists in Amsterdam Just Destroyed Breast Cancer Tumors in 11 Days Without Chemo

European scientists have finally found out a real breakthrough meant for the most common cancer tumor type in women- breast cancer!

It is estimated that one in 8 ladies will develop this tumor type at some point in her life, but now, scientists from Amsterdam may own provided hope: their development may save millions of world.

At the Western Breast Cancer tumor Conference in Amsterdam, professor Nigel Bundred presented the findings of an recent study which offered to evaluate the consequence of a couple of drugs, Herceptin (a. k. a trastuzumab) and Lapatinib.

These types of medicaments have been used in the treatment of cancers currently, but this was the first time they were used together in combination, before any other conventional treatments, like surgery or chemo.

Scientists have found that this combination effectively destroys breast cancer in only 11 days!

The research was funded by the Cancer Research UK, and the goal was to apply these two drugs in order to fight against a protein known as HER2 ( human being epidermal growth factor receptor 2) which influences the division and development of cancer cellular material, and there are more chances that it will return than various other cancer types.

What’s best about this method is that it completely leaves out chemo and surgery treatment, and their temporary side-effects as well, like hair loss, fatigue, and nausea.

We all are becoming aware that chemo is far from an excellent treatment, so it is more than welcome to avoid this treatment and try some other alternatives.

Researchers involved 257 women in the study, all of the with HER2 positive breast cancer. 50 % of them were the control group, and received only Herceptin, as the other half used the mixture of these two drugs.

The results were as follows: 11% of those women who needed the drug combo had no cancer tumor cells staying within a fortnight and 17% of cases featured dramatically shrunken tumors.

In comparison to the control group, they had 0% with no trace of cancer cells and only 3% showed a drop in tumor size.

Therefore , the combination of the drugs has extremely beneficial effects in the case of breast cancer, as opposed to the results whenever used on their own. Yet, the issue is that licensing allows its use only alongside chemo, and not by themselves. Yet, these results may contribute for a modification.

This research is a great step forward in the fight against this deadly disease, but these findings need to be examined further on.

Yet, it provides hope that scientists are working hard to find the treat, so we are eagerly waiting for new improvements in the field!



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