Report: Eating Raw Weed Prevents Bowel Cancer, Fibromyalgia and Neuro-degenerative Diseases

Cannabis can be used all around the world commonly, primarily been cigarette users. Nevertheless, a recently available research has proven that the intake of raw marijuana can offer impressive health benefits.

It is among the super foods definitely, as it features a lot more than 4000 chemical substances filled with essential natural oils, acids, and vitamin supplements. It is abundant with cannabinoid acids that are essential designed for the correct cellphone function.

At this point, both most studied cannabinoid acids are THC and CBD commonly, which if heated in the full case of cooking, heating system or perhaps vaping hashish, breakdown in a variety of chemical substances which usually become degraded into psychoactive THC and cannabinoid CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT.

This technique represents the wearing down of stomach acids into a dynamic form, and is well known decarboxylation, or “decarbing. ”.

Both active CBD and THC offer their own health advantages, but the body can only use a particular quantity of these. When described by simply Dr . Courtney:

“We have a series of cannabis strains called ACDC. ‘AC’ stands for alternative cannabinoid, which is the CBD acid molecule, which has come into focus lately as being very important as an anti-inflammatory.

And ‘DC’ stands for dietary cannabis. […] If you do heat it, then your dose is around 10mg. And if you don’t heat it, if it’s raw, then your dose is around one to 1-2,000mg.”

If the cannabis is consumed raw, the body is able to process much more THCa and CBDa, and through the metabolism, it can convert these acids into essential nutrients.

Studies have related cannabinoid acids with the prevention of chronic diseases. Endocannabinoid deficiencies thought to be associated with illnesses including:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Migraine
  • Glaucoma

According to Dr. Courtney, bigger doses of raw CBDa and THCa are significantly more effective in their raw form to the effect of:

  • Anti-diabetic properties
  • Anti-ischemic properties (restricted blood flow in the body)
  • Anti-inflammatory properties

Amino Acids

Cannabis is high in essential amino acids, which are extremely important as they support the proper function of cells, transport nutrients around the body, and repair damaged tissues. Since out body cannot produce them, we need to enter them through dietary sources.


CBD was copyrighted by the US. government in 2013. As it was found that the cannabinoid has amazing antioxidant and neuroprotective properties.

These vitamin antioxidants stopping cell damage, and thus ward off diseases and illnesses. Research has proven that CBD is much more potent antioxidant than both vitamins C and E.

The consumption of raw marijuana provides you an opportunity to take that in great amounts, and therefore easily get numerous antioxidants.

Dr . Courtney suggested the consumption of raw hashish in the kind of juices, or smoothies, mixed with various other vegetables like parsley or cilantro.

We as well suggest the following recipes in order to enjoy the countless benefits of uncooked cannabis: