This Simple Drink Will Clear Mucus From Your Lungs And Give An Instant Boost To Your Immune System

The body’s last protection wall structure is the immune system, which protects us from diseases and infections, and prevents the attacks of several microorganisms that enter the physical body via food.

The immune system includes tissues and organs work to fight foreign bodies together.

Lungs are important seeing that their main function is always to inhale and store o2, and also to breathe out skin tightening and mega bucks. Yet, in the event the nose is usually blocked with mucus, the lungs are influenced by it.

The following beverage shall strengthen your disease fighting capability and remove mucus from the lungs. This can be utilized simply by both, adults and children, and significant and quick results.

Children play in the drinking water often, dirt, and filth, thus they are even more susceptible to sickness. However, their particular immune devices are producing plus they turn into resistant to numerous diseases.

However, children most have problems with a cough and colds commonly. In the event that these problems persist, this implies that mucus is usually gathered in the lung area.

Our body produces plenty of nasal mucus every day, nearly 1-2 lt. Nearly all it really is spat away, however in the situation of the common cold, it blocks the inhaling and exhaling tubes and prospects to medical issues, which includes allergies.

If this persists and turns greenish in color, or blended with blood even, the ongoing health problem may be serious, so a doctor should be visited by you.

The immune system helps prevent diseases and foreign body and decreases various health threats, germs, unwanted organisms, viruses, and bacteria. It includes lymph nodes, which produce and store the cells which protect us from viruses and bacteria.

In addition , the bone marrow is another component which creates white blood stores and cells the stem cells, that have the capability to change into any kind of human cell phone.

The disease fighting capability includes the spleen, that involves the white-colored blood cellular material, and regulates the quantity of bloodstream. The immune system this produces antibodies which usually destroy viruses which might trigger diseases.

Therefore, the following recipe will be of great help, as it boosts the immune system and eliminates excess mucus from the lungs:


  • 100 grams honey
  • 100ml water
  • 4 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 inch of ginger (grinded)
  • 50 grams oats


Initially, rinse the oats and mix them with the water and the grinded ginger. Then, facial boil the blend for several minutes. After it cools add the honey plus the lemon juice and leave it hence overnight. Retail store the drink in the family fridge, and you can use it up to a week.


Every morning hours, on an empty stomach, beverage 30-40ml of this drink. Repeat this for fourty days to improve the immune system. Then, produce a 15-day break, and repeat the treatment for 30 more times. It may also be used in children, and it will strengthen their immunity to prevent all types of viruses and bacteria.


Also if you want to speed up the process of eliminating excess mucus from the lungs we highly recommend you to use steam:

  • Boil a pot of water and hold your face over the bowl and breathe in the steam for several minutes.
  • Cover your head with a towel to concentrate your exposure to the steam.