Press These Pressure Points on Your Wrist to Fall Asleep Faster and Make Anxiety Go Away

Did you know that acupuncture has the power to help you solve problems like insomnia, without any side effects? Hence, the reasons for insomnia are numerous. Namely, according to traditional Chinese medicine, every individual has their own pattern describing how the body is misbalanced.

Luckily, this misbalance can be treated with the help of acupuncture-using needles at specific points along the meridians that run throughout our bodies. As previously mentioned, acupuncture can treat insomnia, that is, the through the two acupuncture points Heart 7 and Pericardium 6.

Heart 7

Also known as the Shenmen point-the Spirit Gate, this ‘gate’ needs to be opened to release bad energy from the inside, but also receive positive energy from outside. The point is located on the anterior side of the transverse wrist crease, at the little depression on the radial side of the ulnar tendon.

Pericardium 6

It’s located on the anterior side of the wrist, around 2 finger widths from the transverse crease of the wrist between the two tendons that run up the arm. When activated, it provides a potent radiating sensation up the channels, just like Heart 7.

To conclude, these aren’t the only acupuncture points used during a treatment as there are numerous others in combination with other modalities from Chinese medicine.





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