They Called It Crazy Legs Wrapped With Plastic Bags When They Saw The Result, Not Hesitate To Do It Too

For many decades they have been practiced different tricks and techniques that are designed to improve results when you lose weight and shape up.

Slimming creams, surgical procedures, juices, gels, injections or fat burning massage, among others, are only a fraction of the methods that are designed to help eliminate those rolls of fat that prevent having the desired shape. Body wraps are a cosmetic and medical treatment although has its origins in ancient times, has begun to revive its practice in spas and beauty centers from the ’80s.

Here we will know what you’ll need to create this home body wrap coconut oil.


  • plastic band
  • Coconut oil

Preparation method:

  • Apply a thin layer of coconut oil on the hips and abdomen.
  • Wrapped with plastic bandage legs and abdomen. Try not to do too tight: the body should feel comfortable.

What benefits does this body wrap?

The body wrap treatment stimulates vasodilation and metabolism, in turn, enters the body natural medicinal agents, for which you should let it do its effect for about 20-30 minutes.

Performs the treatment of wraps, composed of 14 sessions, with rest day in the middle, followed by a pause of 1 month.The body wrap will give results, but remember that, in itself, only a complement to the comprehensive fight against excess weight.

Benefits of body wraps

In addition to hydrating, moisturizing and rejuvenating this treatment exerts effects on the skin, body wraps also have great benefits for weight loss and cellulite reduction due to burning fat and calories generated by stimulating vasodilation bodily.

Tips & Warnings

  1. The plastic should not be set too close to the body to prevent allergies.
  2. At the end of the exercises should be removed immediately.
  3. Before enjugarte or get you into the shower, wait a few minutes for the body temperature down gently.
  4. The shower water must go from hot to lukewarm.
  5. To finish this treatment, your skin dry well and apply your moisturizer