Every Night Before Going To Bed He Puts A Bar Of Soap Under His Sheets. The Reason – AMAZING!

According to Mayo Clinic, more than 3 million Americans suffer from restless leg syndrome, or RLS. This common condition, for which modern medicine has still not found a cure, can seriously affect a person’s quality of life. Aside from causing discomfort by the leg cramping, RLS typically leads to sleepless nights as a result of constant tossing and turning in bed. And, this cramping doesn’t only affect the legs, but the head, arms, torso, and other body parts.

According to health experts, the main culprit for restless leg syndrome is a malfunction in the nervous system, which makes the legs cramp and move uncontrollably. Normally, the symptoms appear overnight, and can be extremely frustrating. Often, RLS is quite painful too. People who’ve been through this compare the symptoms with itching and can be relieved if you stand up and walk around.


Although there are no conventional treatments for the condition, there is a natural remedy that can do a world of difference in relieving symptoms of RLS.

This folk remedy actually involves using a bar of soap. The method is quite simple – put the soap under your bed sheet or under the bottom fitted sheet. To avoid dirtying your sheets, you can first put the soap in a sock before placing it between the sheets. It’s also recommended to change the bar with a new one every month as it’ll likely dry out and dry soap won’t release the needed ions. In other words, it won’t do much good. So, always have in mind to keep the soap fresh at all times.

This method hasn’t been backed up scientifically, yet it has proven efficacy as a number of people have tried it and benefited from it.

If you are affected with RLS or know someone who is, spread the word around. You have nothing to lose with this simple, but much to gain.


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