Entire Family Dies After Young Woman Makes A Simple Mistake In The Kitchen!

There are numerous recipes for meals that are made from potatoes. They are indeed delicious and they are used all over the globe. But there are cases where they can be bad for the overall health and cases where they actually end up fatal for some people.

In this article you will read about why you should throw away potatoes from your home if they have been there for a longer period of time.

One girl named Maria Chelysheva from Russia lost both her parents and other family members. All of them died from the same cause – potatoes. This girl is 8 years old.

One day the family decided to make potatoes for meal. They knew they had potatoes in the basement, so the father went there to get them. But unfortunately he never came back. After a while, when they noticed that the father has been gone for quite a while, the mother of the little girl decided to see what is happening, but unfortunately again, she never came back either. Then Maria’s brother became really worried and he decided to see what is going on in the basement with their parents, and the same thing happened to him too. Maria’s grandmother was there too, and when all of this happened she called a neighbor for help, but until the neighbor arrived, the grandmother went down in the basement and the same happened to her as the rest of the family.

And how actually potatoes killed all of them? –Well in potatoes there is a chemical compound called glycoalkaloid and it can be also found in poisonous nightshade plants. This means that under some circumstances potatoes are naturally toxic. And you can get poisoned by them only with breathing in their chemicals, which means that you should not even need to consume them to get poisoned. And that is what happened to Maria’s family.

The more potatoes rot, their glycoalkaloids concentration goes up and that will cause them to emit a dangerous, toxic gas.

Maria survived thanks to the one thing that her mother did and that is that she left the door of the basement open and that made the gas to dissipate a little.

What happened to this family is tragic and sad, and it should be a lesson for everyone reading this article. Rotten potatoes can be really dangerous and that is why if you have potatoes at home that have been there for a longer period of time, you should throw them away before it is too late for you as well.



Source:  healthadviceteam.com