THIS is Why You Should Never Let Your Dog Lick You!

There are many pet owners who believe that the kisses and licks they get from their dogs on their face are very cute. However, did you know that this practice can actually be very dangerous?


Of course, this is not something that is happening intentionally. Your loyal dog will never hurt you on purpose. They just want to have fun and show you how much they love you.

Unfortunately, their mouth is full of different kinds of bacteria.

There is a Myth That Dog Mouths are Actually Much Cleaner Compared to Human Mouths, but This is Just a False Myth.

According to many experts, we should use common sense – just look at their mouths and smell them and you’ll realize that. In most cases, their breath is awful. This is not a surprise given that many dogs like to sniff and lick other dog’s butts.

Many people find shocking when they learn how many bacteria dog’s mouth can get. The worst part is that these bacteria are not found only in their saliva. Dogs spend significant amount of time licking and sniffing some nasty things and that’s why their muzzles are packed with viruses, bacteria and germs.

These microorganisms can lead to health conditions that can have serious impact on your health. A woman from the UK had to experience this on her own because she didn’t believe these facts.

Namely, this woman got a nasty infection from the saliva of her beautiful Italian greyhound. What is even worse is that she didn’t notice the changes until she started speaking a little bit different on the phone. Her speech slowed down and she immediately called an ambulance. When the team arrived she was in a very bad condition. After two weeks of special care and taking different drugs she managed to recover.

She took blood tests and doctors found that the infection came as a result of capnocytophaga canimorsus bacteria presence. This bacterium is frequently found in mouths of both cats and dogs. This was not the first case in the UK. More than a dozen people have reported similar incidents in the last decade.

But, this is not the only health problem that your favorite pet can cause if you allow them to kiss you. Let’s not forget that ringworm infections develop in their muzzles too.

In case you didn’t know, it is very easy to get ringworm infection if you keep kissing your dog. Furthermore, it is not unusual to experience the emergence of MRSA infection. This infection creates ugly lesions and all it takes is one short lick from your pet to develop it.

Dogs are able to carry these bacteria and infections for a long time without any problems for their health, but their human masters are not that lucky (and strong).

Next, if your dog licks you, there is a chance that you can develop staphyolococcus aureus problems. This is a bacterium closely related to MRSA. It is easier to get rid of it, but this doesn’t make the situation less complicated.

Once again, let’s mention the capnocytophaga canimorsus found in dog’s mouth. This is a very bad bacterium. It is especially dangerous if you let your dog lick your open wound. Even though there is a great chance that you won’t experience any of these problems, why take the risk? You can always hug your dog to show them your love.