Sniffing Rosemary Can Increase Your Memory By 75%

Regarded as the most effective traditional remedy for memory issues, rosemary has been used for centuries due to its countless medicinal benefits.

Greek students used to put rosemary on their heads during exams, with the belief that the herb will boost their memory.

In a study to examine the effects of rosemary on memory, participants were given rosemary essential oil on a daily basis. The study findings showed that participants had 60-75% higher chances of remembering things, compared to those who didn’t use the essential oil.

Studies have also revealed that this herb contains carnosic acid, which destroys the toxins responsible for brain damage.  Likewise, it has natural compounds that supply protein to the brain, thereby enhancing its decision-making capacity.

Rosemary helps to break down acetylcholine, which stimulates cells that are responsible for memory.

According to scientists, rosemary has certain chemical compounds that affect our memory, and the most effective brain-boosting chemical is cineole. Thus, the better your absorption of 1.8 cineole, the better your memory will be. Sniffing though your nose is the best way to absorb this compound.

This great herb is also effective in reducing stress, preventing mood swings, and enhancing your speed and accuracy in tests.

Nonetheless, despite several studies confirming the positive effects of rosemary on memory, further research is needed to prove that it can indeed enhance memory.  It is worth noting that just like most other natural remedies, rosemary does not cause negative side-effects.