Research Proves: THIS Powerful Spice Increases Weight Loss By 3 Times

Losing excess weight is not easy. However, cumin has proved effective in the fight against excess weight, obesity, and heart disease. It is has the potential to increase and develop human metabolism, as well as overall health.

Cumin Research

In a study conducted at the medical science university in Iran, over eighty women were divided into two groups. The first group consumed foods with a tablespoon of cumin and 5 ounces of yogurt, while the second group consumed the same foods, but with no cumin. Three months later, the first group of obese women had lost considerable weight compared to the second group.

For the first group, their fat body had decreased by 15%, which is 3 times more than the second group.  The women who consumed cumin spice also had decreased risk of obesity and heart diseases, in addition to burning more calories.

The internal benefits of cumin are more significant than the results of the study.
The amounts of harmful fats, like cholesterol and  triglycerides, dropped by 20 points in the women who took cumin, while the non cumin group had only a 5-points drop.
Cumin is loaded with phytosterol, which inhibits cholesterol absorption. It can temporarily enhance metabolism. Here are some benefits of cumin consumption:
  • Can can relieve headache and treat digestion issues.
  • It can reduce hypoglycemia, and hence combat diabetes.
  • With its vitamin C, cumin is beneficial against toxins and infections. It is also effective against Asthma.
  • Being a great relaxant,  cumin can be helpful for people struggling with insomnia.
  • The vitamin C in cumin also combats common cold, and other infections.
Cumin tea recipes
  • Cumin – 1 tablespoon
  • Water – 150 ml


  • Add the cumin  into a vessel and then heat it with less heat for about ten seconds
  • Fill the vessel with  water and then boil it
  • Cover the vessel for around five minutes
  • Strain your mix while still warm. You can enhance its taste by adding some honey and salt.