When They Find This Woman, She Has Been Dead For A Long Time. But What The Men See Underneath Her Causes Them To Dissolve Into Tears.


When a person is face to face with death, the adrenaline of that person is on a really high level and that looks like having a superhuman powers. There have been cases where accident victims somehow managed to get to the hospital without help, and to be able to find that kind of strength is unbelievable.

But nothing can be compared to mother’s will to survive when her child’s life is at danger. And the following story is about that.


In Asia there was earthquake and the rescue group searched for survivors. There they see a woman that is buried in the rubble of a house and she seemed like she was hugging something. They realized that the woman has been dead for some time, so they started searching for survivors again. But the leader of that group could not stop thinking about the woman they found out earlier.

This shows how much a mother can love her child. She is prepared to even give up her life, so her child could be alive. This story touched the hearts of millions of people around the world.


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