WHY Pharmacy Doesn’t Want You To know About This Cheap And Natural Remedy Against Cancer!


In a period of a few years a number of medical and pharmacological frauds were revealed which most of the public considered as common conspiracy theories.

A recent study published in the British Medical Journal revealed one of the despicable health deceptions, which for decades murdered people in most horrible and cruel way. It is chemotherapy.

However, some recent studies have confirmed that grape seed extract provides the opposite result. When the cancer starts spreading faster and becomes more aggressive, this extract works better and acts faster. This breakthrough study has shown that grape seed extract aims for cancer cells that are resistant to chemotherapy, but keeps the healthy cells safe.

These studies have confirmed that there is a natural way to heal cancer without using the help of the horrifying chemotherapy. There are absolutely no side effects for patients using grape seed extract.

Scientist Molly Derry, from the lab of the University of Colorado, who was part of a study that confirmed these amazing healing properties of grape seed extract says that even with 50% of the concentration of grape seed extract can control the spread of cancer cells and elimination of half of the cells in the 4th stage needed in getting similar effects in the 2nd stage.

Furthermore, colon cancer cells come with more than 11.000 genetic mutations which are much different compared to the DNA found in healthy cells. Chemotherapy can work on a limited number of mutations. In other words, the patient’s body can easily become resistant to this therapy.

Since grape seed extract comes with various bioactive elements this extract is able to act on a larger number of mutations. This means that the more mutations in cancer cells are found, the more effective this extract is.

According to Derry, the scientific community is aware of the fact that many bioactive elements found in grape seed can successfully eliminate cancer cells. The study conducted by her colleagues confirmed that most mutations are able to resist chemotherapy treatment while grape seed extract can actually eliminate these mutations in less than 24 hours.

What is worth mentioning is the fact that cancer industry is continuously spreading panic among people about the growing number of patients suffering from this allegedly incurable disease and they always point out the high number of people who die from cancer.

However, they never talk about the numerous scientific studies that show that cancer is curable and that it can be cured in almost completely natural way. As a matter of fact, they try to ignore these studies or even make the public view them as irrelevant.