I’m Never Buying Another Cough Medicine Again… I Wish I Knew This Before!


Whenever a bad and constant cough attacks you, surely you are trying to relieve it with the help of numerous commercial drugs. Not only that they will not provide the promised results, but they can have a damaging effect on your health and cause side-effects. They are full of dangerous chemicals which can put your health at high risk.

Fortunately, there is no need to use these harmful products, as we have for you a recipe which is completely natural and which will help you to treat your issue. We are talking about your own cough drops consisted of healthy ingredients and herbs which you probably have in your kitchen.


These cough drops have the ability to strengthen your immune system and prevent other health issues, so they will be of great use before the winter comes.

Needed Ingredients:

  • Ginger – It will boost the immunity
  • Honey – It has potent antibacterial properties
  • Vitamin C – Lemon juice has this vitamin
  • A secret ingredient which will make all ingredients come together


Watch the video below to find out more how to prepare these cough drops!



Source:   naturalhealthyworld.com