The Form Of Your Belly Button Reveals From What You Should Protect: Here Is How You Can Find Out That Some Of Your Organs Is Not Working Properly!


According to appearance and color of your nave you can detect whether you suffer from some disease.

Implicated nave

When your nave is implicated, it usually means that you have problems with weight and you are prone to problems with the digestive system.

Convex nave

The convex nave can be tolerated up to somewhere but if you spot that your nave is not in normal convex position, and you get up something difficult, it can come to occurrence of hernia.

Gentle convex nave

If the nave is in gentle convex form it reveals that you are prone to flu or cold.

Convex on U nave

This form of nave indicates the propensity of kidney and skin diseases. Your children will have a smaller chance to be born with genetic deformities.

Nave like almond

If you have expressed lines around the nave be careful, you should be careful with the pain in the muscles and migraine. But, it can also be sign of weak bones.