4 Surprising Health Benefits of Juicing Raw Marijuana


It may come as a surprise to most of you, but marijuana is a vegetable. The leaves and buds of the marijuana plant are rich in antioxidants, cancer fighting, and anti-inflammatory compounds. The compounds are called cannabidiols (CBD) and help in making cannabis or marijuana a superfood.

But once marijuana is heated, all of its goodies evaporate. Everything vanishes in the smoke. Therefore, you should be juicing raw marijuana plant and get blown away by its health benefits.
When marijuana is headed, it will release tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is a psychoactive compound. But most of us don’t desire to have a medicine that gets us ‘high’. The fact is that our body is designed for receiving cannabidiols. There is no need to heat this plant for getting its healing benefits.

Cannabinoid receptors are designed into our body system. When you get CBD to enter your body, it can help in normalizing functional systems such as immune functions and cell communication. In other words, our body systems – everything from our organs to the tiniest cells, are going to communicate better with each other. They will also know what is going on and improve the cleaning process.

Great Coordination Between Body Components

The connection between our body systems will be like a great relationship, where both the people work together and have great communication for keeping the house clean.
Thanks to cannabinoid receptors in our brains (remember there’s almost no other source of cannabidiol), marijuana looks like the ideal medicine for ensuring that our body works in its peak form. But Major League sports will not agree.

Do you know CBDs can bridge the gap in neurotransmission in our central nervous system through facilitation of a 2-way communication system that will help in completing a positive “feedback loop”. This is explained by Dr. William Courtney (Founder – Cannabis Internationaland expert in medical marijuana). This is unlike the one-way transmission that has been known to promote chronic inflammation.

CBDs imitate the natural 2-way communication system in our body.

Reaching Heaven

According to Dr. Ethan Russo (Senior Advisor – GW Pharmaceuticals and physician from Seattle), the endogenous cannabinoid works like a modulator that fine tunes a wide range of systems. If anything has been biochemically deranged in your body, a cannabinoid system can help in bringing it back to balance.
You can juice marijuana to enjoy its healing benefits without getting high. There’s no need to smoke anything or get high. It will also allow you to ingest high doses of this drug, and it will certainly help your system work flawlessly while making you feel better.

Another benefit of juicing this plant is that it provides versatility. You could add other fruits and vegetables and you can add cannabis to your diet in a tastier way.

Broken Communication

Smoking can cause inflammation and this can further lead to possible dysfunction/communication breakdowns and infection in our body. Many doctors may recommend vaporizing to be better than smoking, almost all doctors will suggest edible form over vaporizing.
However, keep in mind that the drug will still have to be heated to make it edible. This is the reason, it is best to juice the plant (from a medical perspective).

Juicing Marijuana – Main Health Benefits

Many medical professionals including Dr. Courtney are doing their best for the legalization of this drug and bring it into mainstream diets. According to them the use of cannabis as part of a diet (rather than a smokeable) can help in preventing, fixing and reducing the following:

  1. Cancer cells
  2. Autoimmune disorders
  3. Chronic inflammation
  4. Cellular dysfunction

You should certainly talk to your doctor (not some dealer), when you want to use this drug. Presently, it is legal only in the states of Oregon, Colorado, Alaska and Washington. However, its medical use is allowed in 23 more states.

Source: www.healthyfoodplans.net