10 Plants that Attract Positive Energies

Living in a harmonious and happy environment is very important for the overall health and positive spirit.
As we know, some of the best cures come from a clear and optimistic mind. If you are having troubles getting into this state, you will be happy to know that Mother Nature once more has a solution.

According to ancient medicine, certain plants around the house can be true energy boosters and improve the general vive of your home. Also, you will get fresh and natural herbs available at any time.

Here are the ten best plants that bring positive energy to your home:


The spikey cactus may seem as an aggressive plant, but it is quite the opposite. By owning a cactus in your home, you will get rid of many negative feelings like envy, and hypocrisy. Also it keeps the intruders and malicious people away. Ultimately, it is able to collect all negative electric energy from household devices.


Spearmint is able to heal your organism but also protect you from bad spells and envy. In some houses it was known to bring economic improvements.


This may be the most popular of all listed plants. The bamboo radiates positive energy and improves your mood. Also it brings growth, honesty and purity into your life. Having a bamboo at home means you will always feel calm, comforted and envy-free.


If you wish for happiness and prosperity, especially in the personal relationships, this plant is the one to get. Some call it “the couple’s plant”. Best place to put jasmine is the bedroom- this will improve your relationship in an instant.


Rosemary serves as both remedy and a bringer of happiness. It attracts love and loyalty, so make sure to always have rosemary in your house and cloth bags.


Another highly healthy herb is the mint that also gives out positive radiance. It successfully cures insomnia and reduces the negative energy from the house. Additionally, it helps you improve your interpersonal skills.


Thyme has been the ultimate air cleanser against negative energy for centuries back. Even today it is used in churches and monasteries to chase away the negative thoughts and intentions. Aside from this, thyme is able to prevent nightmares, fights against bad vibes, and boost self-esteem as well.


Fresh and aromatic, this plant possesses everything fine. A chrysanthemum gets rid of tension and stress and enables you to feel relaxed.


This is another plant that enables you to achieve economical prosperity. The best place for eucalyptus is inside an office or a firm. It also neutralizes envy and cruel intentions. If kept at home, it improves the sleep and gets rid of hyperactivity.

Aloe Vera

We all know how healthy and beneficial Aloe Vera is for our organisms. Having this plant in your home means no more negativity, envy and poor luck. On the flip side you’ll get plenty of smiles, lucky opportunities and prosperity.

As the belief says, when the Aloe Vera grows and prospers, it brings everything positive with it, but when it soaks up all negative energy it begins to die.


Source:   www.healthyfoodplans.net