Bosnian Woman Shares Simple and Miraculous Cancer Cure Which in Just Few Days Destroyed Her Cancer


A female reader of a local health journal from Bosnia and Herzegovina has decided to share vital information with everybody about how she got cured from cancer. The following miraculous recipe destroyed the cancer she was suffering from, and gave her life back.

This is super easy recipe based on honey and ginger. She said that for just few days, painlessly it helped her to beat this terrible disease. The woman was suffering from endocrine glands cancer, and her situation was so bad that she had to stay in hospital for twenty days, connected on a device that kept her alive. She won the battle without surgery or chemotherapy.


Here is the recipe:


  • 1 pound of honey
  • 2 bigger ginger roots


Clean the ginger roods, and shred them with electric shredder. Mix the honey with the chopped ginger, and pour this powerful mixture into jars.

Consume 1 tablespoon, 3-4 times during the day. It’s crucial to use not use metal spoons. Plastic, ceramic or wooden spoons are fine. The honey must be organic and natural. After two or three days, you will feel the first effects from this miraculous recipe.

Other health benefits:

Ginger brings back lost appetite, improves the assimilation and absorption of essential nutrients in our body, clears the sinuses that are tending to flare up occasionally, prevents nausea during cancer treatment or after surgery, reduces flatulence, calms tummy groaning and moaning, and reliefs joint pain.

Honey is the perfect remedy for sore throat. If it’s combined with apple cider vinegar it will balance the pH level in the body. The combination with ginger roots will also help for indigestion, nausea, and stomach aches. Honey mixed with lemon will accelerate fat burning, and will detox your body. Mixed cloves and honey are powerful remedy against toothaches.