Everyone Has Cancer Cells in Their Body, This is How to Prevent Them From Becoming Tumors


Keep in mind that:

– Every human body contains cancer cells, and these cancer cells appear at least six times during a lifetime. Nevertheless, a standard examination cannot identify these cells until they multiply to a few billions.

– Having a strong immunity helps the body fight these cells and prevent their multiplication

– If a body lacks some important nutrient, these cancer cells may develop and multiply. Additionally, usually the risk factors of developing and multiplication of cancer cells are unhealthy lifestyle habits, environment, unhealthy food, and genetics.

– By strengthening your immunity, you can prevent the multiplication if cancer cells. You can achieve this by consuming healthy food and supplements.

– It becomes clearer and clearer that chemotherapy is harmful for the lungs, kidneys, heart, liver, and other human body organs, and it actually kills the rapidly-growing cancer cells, destroying at the same time rapidly the healthy cells as well

– Radiation destroys healthy cells, tissues, and organs, and it causes burns and scars

– Cancer treatment that involves radiation and chemotherapy does reduce the size of the tumor at the beginning, but, on the other hand, the prolonged chemotherapy treatment does not destroy more of the tumor

– Chemotherapy has other influence on the immunity as well, in terms of production of toxins. This makes the patient prone to further complications and infections

– Both chemotherapy and radiation contribute to mutation of cancer cells, which makes it extremely difficult to destroy cancer. Surgery can also spread the cancer to other body regions

– If you avoid food that supports the multiplication of cancer cells, you will prevent these cancer cells from becoming tumors

Which food is beneficial for cancer cells?

– A perfect condition for cancer cells to thrive is the acid environment, so you should avoid eating processed foods and red meat, as these ingredients increase the acidity of the body. instead of these ingredients, consume more chicken and fish

– Mucus is the food of cancer cells, meaning that the consumption of milk should be minimized, as milk creates the mucus, especially in the gastrointestinal tract. Thus, you should start consuming unsweetened soya instead of milk

– Sugar is another food that the cancer cells thrive on, which means that you should completely avoid sugar, and replace it with molasses of Manuka honey. Moreover, this Manuka honey should also be taken in moderate amounts

– Your body can also be alkalized with consumption of seeds, whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables. You should increase the intake of vegetable juices and the amount of raw vegetables taken on a daily basis, because fresh vegetable juices give live enzymes and trigger the growth of healthy cells. High temperatures (starting from 104 degrees F, or 40 degrees C) destroy these enzymes.

– It is also important that you take supplements, including vitamin E, as they lead to apoptosis, the term used for programmed cell death. Other supplements that should take place in your daily diet are minerals, antioxidants, EFAs, Beta Glucan, IP6, Essiac, vitamins, Flor-essence, as they all strengthen the immune system and thus fight against cancer cells.

– Make sure that your drinking water is filtered and purified, and thus avoid the intake of dangerous heavy metals and toxins that the tap water contains

– Avoid drinking coffee and eating chocolate and replace these ingredients with green tea, as unlike coffee and chocolate that contain great amounts of caffeine, green tea has potent properties that fight cancer.

– Digestive enzymes require a lot of time to digest meat proteins, so the undigested meat stays in the intestines and causes accumulation of toxins

– Hence, you should reduce or avoid the intake of meat, and thus enable your body to produce more enzymes, which are really important for attacking the protein walls of affected cancer cells. This will provide your body with the opportunity to fight cancer cells easily.

– Cancer cells cannot thrive in an oxygenated environment which is why you need to make sure that you breathe deeply and exercise on a regular basis and thus provide sufficient oxygen supply to the cellular level, which will lead to destroying of the cancer cells

– Cancer does not only impact the body, but it also impacts the mind and the spirit. This means that if you want to fight this deadly disease, you should stay positive and keep an optimistic attitude towards life in general and the treatment.

You should stay away from stress, anger, bitterness, and sadness, as these negative emotions and moods lead to an acidic environment in the body. Instead, you need to relax, stay calm, and live your life fully happy, satisfied, and fulfilled.


Source:  www.non-stophealthy.com