This Is What Your Farts Reveal about Your Health



Did you know that your farts say a lot about your health than you realise?

The food you eat can cause your farts to be smelly.

Foods that contain sulphur like meat and eggs can make your farts really stink.

Other foods like cauliflowers, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and almonds also cause your farts to be smelly.

Now don’t get me wrong here — just because these foods make your farts smell like a sceptic tank doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat these foods; far from it!

When you eat foods that cause you to fart the microbes in your gut will get nutrients, if the microbes lack carbohydrates then they would find it extremely hard to stay in your gut.

It is these microbes that help in digesting the food you eat.

It is estimated that on average a person farts about fourteen times every day.

When you fart it means that your digestive system is functioning properly.

Your fart is a mixture of gas and trapped air which is generated in your lower intestine by bacteria activity. 

Now, really awful smelling farts don’t always suggest that your diet is balanced. This type of fart can be indicative of lactose intolerance especially if you have had some type of diary product to eat.

If you have gastroenteritis, IBS or celiac disease then smelly farts could be a symptom.

If your farts exceed twenty two times per day, then it could mean that there is something you are eating that is making you have excess air in your gut.

This is not something you should be too worried about, except of course the embarrassment you could be exposed too by frequent farting.

Some Additional Tips

You may just need to alter your diet a little bit. Consume less coffee, carbohydrates and processed foods will help.

You can also eat less vegetables and try to slow down when you eat as eating quickly can cause you to swallow more air than usual.

To avoid stinky farts you can eat low sulphur foods like chicken, turkey and fish. Eat less of beef, pork and eggs which are high in their sulphur content.

Also try and chew your food more before swallowing so as to avoid taking in too much air and it will help your stomach and intestines to digest the food better.

Eating more fresh vegetables and fruits will help because they are really natural laxatives and you will also have a better and more regular bowel movement.