She Spilled Baking Soda on the Bed, and After 30 Minutes They All Remain Speechless! When You See Why, You will Do the Same (VIDEO)


We all change our bed sheets regularly so that they smell fresh and clean, but the mattress should also be cleaned and freshened.


Here are several cleaning and maintenance tips you should use if you want to make sure that your sleeping place is as soothing as it can be.

The average individual sweats out approximately half a pint of sweat every single night. Moreover, people spend a third of their lives lying on the mattress. Many of you have probably thought about cleaning the mattress, but removing the cover of it is almost impossible so you have only changed the bed sheets. it would be much easier if mattresses’ covers came with a zipper.

As much as disgusting it sounds, mattresses hover dirt, dust, dust mites, spills, strains, and much more. This is why we should all clean our mattresses. The major reason is that we lie on top of it all, only with a sheet separating us from the mattress.

However, the good news is that there is a way in which you can keep your mattress clean following these tips and hacks. They will help you make the cleaning process of the mattress like a breeze.

Let’s start with some maintenance tips:

– Vacuum your mattress

This process is essential as it helps you eliminate dust, dead skin cells and other debris lying on your mattress. Do this every time you rotate your mattress, at least once a season.

– Deodorize your mattress

Taking in consideration that your mattress is full of sweat, dust and other interesting stuff, it can start developing its own unique smell. If you want to prevent this, just sift some baking soda all over your mattress and leave it for nearly 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes have passed, vacuum the baking soda up. The deodorizing effects of baking soda are well known, so this is why you should use it for deodorizing smells. In addition, you can add five drops of some essential oil into the baking soda before you sift it over the mattress, so your mattress is going to get a nice, pleasant smell you will enjoy for several nights thereafter.

– Spot cleaning and strains

the most common type of stains that end up on your mattress are the protein stains that come from blood, vomit, sweat, urine…

You can remove these stains with a wet cloth. Clean the stains using pressing motion instead of circular motion. When it comes to cleaning the mattress, it is recommended that you only use cold water. Also, you can remove fresh protein stains with a mixture made of water, baking soda and salt in equal parts. Use the paste you get from these ingredients and rub it onto the stained area, brushing off half an hour later. In the end, use some cold water on the cloth to get rid of the excess paste and then let the mattress dry.

– Steam cleaning or deep cleaning

The steam cleaning is a process that involves covering the mattress with steam in order to get rid of the dust mites. The deep cleaning on the other hand is the process of extracting the moisture. If you opt for one of these methods, it is recommended that you contact an expert for that and not perform it on your own. There are people trained for this who have suitable extraction equipment.

Other tips and tricks:

– Turn and/or flip your mattress

Do not forget to do this each season.

– No water on your mattress

Mattresses do not stand liquids, as they get trapped in them and have no place to go.

– Use fans to dry the mattress

In case your mattress is wet, do not even think about sleeping on it until is dries completely.

How to deal with bed bugs?

This should also be done by professionals. Do not try to get rid of bed bugs on your own if you think you have them.

A tip that can save your mattress from stains, spills, etc:

There is a great invention that can keep your mattress clean and safe, and that is the mattress protector. Experts suggest that you get this protector so that you make sure that stains and other debris do not end up on your mattress.