What’s Your Ideal Weight According to Your Body Shape, Age And Height?


Desired weight can often be unhealthy, and ideal weight is how much your body needs to weight for optimal function.

Because of this, only sheds new light on the latest trends which promote excessive weight loss, which is not necessarily the best option for a healthy body.

While on one side excessive weight incurs the risk of obesity and all the accompanying conditions, including hypertension, diabetes, heart problems and others, on the other hand excessive weight loss is no less dangerous. Therefore, it seems that the rule of the “golden middle” is the best option you can get.

This chart has been specially designed by doctors and specialists. It’s really thorough as it includes several parameters, such as your body shape, age and height, to give you the ideal body weight.

The best thing about this chart is that it does not promote unhealthy body proportions, but tells you how much you should weigh according to your specific proportions and age.



Source:   www.lifehealthandfood.com