Breaking: Scientists Have Just Told Women To Stop Wearing Bra Immediately. Must See The Reasons


If you haven’’t heard yet there is a National No Bra Day and its on October 13th. The main reason for such an event is because of the many health disadvantages of wearing a bra.

Scientist are warning women to have more awareness of breast cancer. In this case scientists claim that bras actually have more negative than positive sides.

In the University of Franche-Comte, Jean Dennis Rouillion which is a professor and also sports science researcher, conducted a 15-year research on the advantages and disadvantages of bras, and included 330 women.

The women that had participating in the study were at the age from 18 to 35 and all of them wore a bra since young. The results were disturbing. Bras were found to have no role in then prevention of sagging, back pain relief or support of the chest. On the other hand the results showed the total opposite, especially about breast sagging.

The women who stopped wearing bras their nipples were lifted by 7 millimeters at the end of the study.

The main reason for the bras to cause problems is interference in blood circulation claims Professor Jean. In the case of women who do not wear them, the amounts of collagen are increased, and the elasticity is significantly improved.

Although numerous women wear bras with the aim not to distract others, apparently, not wearing them will enhance the breasts’ condition.