Place 3 Lemons Cut On Your Nightstand, This Trick Will Change Your Life Forever, Believe It Or Not


We all know how beneficial lemon is, but we should know that it is not only beneficial when it comes to our health and our beauty, but also when it comes to energy.


The negative impact of negative energy is well known: it dulls the environment at our homes and it impacts our health, relationships and prosperity in a negative way. We have been taught to believe only the things we can understand and confirm and be exclusively rational.

However, the rational mind cannot understand and perceive some remedies and rituals, many of them being logics-challenging. In this article, we are going to present you something that maybe few people believe in, which is energies, both positive and negative ones. Lemon is one of the ingredients that are able to neutralize the negative, bad energy and restore the harmony of our lives.

Moreover, lemon is also known o improve our economic state.

This is a pretty simple advice and it consists of simply placing this citrus, unmistakable aroma on a spot in your life and in your surroundings where you normally spend the greatest part of your time. The presence of this aroma itself should become your irreplaceable ally which will protect you from the negative energy. To get this amazing aroma you will only need green lemons.

You can make use of its neutralizing powers in various ways, including:

– The simplest way is to put three green lemons in different parts of your home, throwing them away and replacing them with new ones once they turn yellow or black

– You can make use of the vapors of green lemon by boiling its peel in rainwater. If it is tiny, you can take it with you and wear it around as a talisman. Whichever the case, it is good to know that lemon has the ability to absorb the negative energies around you and leave you quiet and safe because the bad energy waves won’t affect you

– You can keep a basket or ceramic or clay bowl with nine lemons in it above the fridge on a bed of rice. If you want them to bring you wealth, put one in the center of the basket, and then place the remaining eight around it

– If you want to keep away the people that envy you at your job place three lemons in your purse or in your desk drawer and they will keep you balanced

– You can alter the bad energy in your home and turn it into good one by mixing an atomizer spray water with some lemon juice and then sprinkling the mixture around your house, paying special attention to the corners s

– Place a bowl or a glass vase with three lemons on your night stand and you will attract love in your life. Change these lemons and replace them with new ones once they start turning black or yellow

If you want to get rid of the bad vibes you have absorbed throughout the day, just place a lemon cut in four pieces on a plate forming a cross. Around these lemon pieces, make a circle out of grain salt and then put the plate under your bed before you go to sleep. In case you cannot place the plate under the bed, put it somewhere near, aside the bed, whether it is on the floor or on the wall. The following day, put the lemon pieces in a plastic bag without touching them and then throw the bag away from your house. Do the same procedures at least three days in a row and you will notice significant improvements in your mood and feelings.

Another trick than includes lemons: take a green lemon and place it in your purse, or in the pocket of your pants, jacket, or wherever you want. In the evening, take the lemon out and you will notice it has grown dry. Throw that lemon away. The following morning, take a new one and carry it around with you, and it will absorb the negative energies around you, making sure that you are safe.