Women, Do Not Ignore These 10 Symptoms of “The Silent Killer”!


According to statistics the number of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer is growing every year, and that number is approximately 550 for the last one. Most often the reason is the extreme usage of contraceptives, and sometimes its caused by genetics and/or age.

Of all women having ovarian cancer, 80% discover it later in advanced stage, that’s why the symptoms should never be ignored. Here are some of the most obvious and easily recognized symptoms.

Frequent constipation.

– Medline Plus shows concern and warns women that in case of loss of appetite, gases, constipation and stomachaches, should check for ovarian cancer, because most often the cancer targets first the digestive tract.


– Bloated stomach that looks like you are pregnant can also means that that there is possibility for ovarian cancer.

Irregular cycles.

– In this case women over 55 are the prime target for ovarian cancer, especially during or after menopause. But this is not necessarily for older women, young girls as well can show the same symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Pain in the pelvis and stomach.

– These two are serious symptoms when it comes to ovarian cancer.

Pain during sexual intercourse.

– These symptoms are connected tightly with the previous ones. Namely, if women experience pain during intercourse that means that the pressure on the pelvic area is probably cause because of ovarian cancer, and even the lightest pressure can be painful. Checking out with your doctor as soon as possible is the best way to safety.


– Symptoms like weight loss, nausea, abdominal pain and constipation and probably connected with ovarian cancer, says Jeffrey Stern, a famous gynecologist.

Abdominal growth of hair and dark hair growing.

– Growing hair on body parts where is not necessarily normal for women can also point other types of problems, probably with the hormones, but also can be result of ovarian cancer. Not only hair growth but also hair loss can be result of ovarian cancer.

Constant tiredness.

– In 80% of the cases this is one of three signs that you probably have ovarian cancer and is showing in early stages. Frequent exhaustion, loss of appetite, vomiting and shortness of breath are also tightly connected symptoms.

Early satiety.

– Most often this symptom is associated with problems of the digestive tract, but is also strong sign that the possibility of ovarian cancer is strong.

Frequent backaches.

– Taking osteoporosis and arthritis aside, constant strong back pain can be result of ovarian cancer as well.

Source: www.healthyfoodhouse.com