Five Key Factors for Preventing a Heart Attack


Most people do not know that trans-fat and processed carbohydrates are much more harmful than saturated fats.

The most common heart disease is the coronary artery disease, which can lead to heart attack. Every other heart attack occurs suddenly with no warning signs, and causes blockage in the blood flow to a part of the heart.

What prevents the flow of blood is atherosclerosis. Deposits in the arteries produce a blood clot that prevents blood flow to the heart, and if these clots are not removed in time, part of the heart muscle starts to die out, which can lead to heart attack.

However, experts have confirmed that 5 changes in lifestyle could prevent 80% of heart attacks! According to a new study, the change in certain habits can dramatically reduce the risk of heart attack. An earlier study from 2004, which investigated the risk of heart disease in over 50 countries, found that 90% of heart diseases can be completely prevented by changes in lifestyle and diet. Here are the five key tips on how to reduce the chance heart attack.

1. Healthy diet

2. Physical activity

3. Maintaining healthy waistline

4. Moderate alcohol consumption (10 to 30 ml a day, tops)

5. Not smoking/quit smoking

Foods for maintaining a healthy heart

The most important thing you need to do is avoid trans-fats and eliminate processed foods from your daily diet. This includes restaurants foods as well. If you want to reduce the risk of heart diseases, avoid sugar, fructose and processed grains. Eat more raw organic foods and replace cereal carbohydrates with a large amount of vegetables and organic meat. The best sources of healthy fats: avocados, raw dairy products, coconut and coconut oil, organic eggs, organic butter from nuts, raw nuts, seeds, organic meat.


– Avoid all types of sugar if you are insulin and leptin resistant

– Consume unprocessed saturated animal fats

– Do not sit still for more than three hours a day – exercise regularly

– Enter optimum amount of vitamin D

– Walk barefoot as much as you can

– Reduce stress