Pitaya: The most Wanted Healthy Fruit on World Market

Pitaya or “dragon fruit” contains ingredients which are necessary for proper functioning and performing basic processes of our organism. Though we are living in a climate which has plenty of fruits, the pitaya isn’t one of them.

With mixing a watermelon, beet and strawberry together, you’ll get something like pitaya. But the fresh pitaya juice, among lovers of healthy food, is currently one of the most wanted in the world market.
The pitaya juice is real vitamin bomb, rich with antioxidants, vitamins B and C, as well as active enzymes, which contribute a younger skin look.
It boost the energy and immune system, and helps in the reproduction of the food, because of the fibers and which contain probiotics, and helps with the meritorious, losing weight and a good body shape. Hence, it is no wonder that this “new” food, quickly rose to the A-list of superfoods.

The pitaya is a fruit discovered in Central America, and the missionaries had brought it in Asia. Asians started with its cultivation naming it “dragon fruit” because of its powerful ingredients.
When you cut a pitaya on a half, it should have strong red color, same as a ripe watermelon.
The fruit can be consumed as a piecemeal, or as an addition to various shakes.

1. Shake for detoxication:
You can make super body cleaning shake if you mix in a blender: a juice of 1 pitaya, 1 banana, 1 handful of blueberries and 1 kiwi; or a juice of 1 pitaya, a few strawberries, a peeled kiwi, 1 handful of almonds and pear.

2. Losing weight:
For faster-losing weight, and as an addition to every regimen, you can make a juice of 1 pitaya, 2 lemons, a handful of spinach, half tablespoon ginger and a juice of 1 apple.

3. Feel satiety
The shake of this fruit is great for every diet you can easily skip a meal, and still being in a good shape full with energy. This shake is prepared in a blender, with a , half avocado ,juice of 1 pitaya,1 banana, a handful of blueberries, 100ml. soy milk and a handful of minced nuts.

As this super-fruit is getting famous, now days there are healthy cookies and ice creams of pitaya.