Life-Saving Ingredients


Life-saving ingredients

All green leafy vegetables are more than great for maintaining your overall health. Many studies showed that foods that are rich in nutrients have the ability to strengthen the body, treat some diseases and prevent occurrence of numerous diseases.

Swiss chard

This plant contains antioxidants not everyone has heard of: syringic acid and kaempferol. Syringic acid improves blood sugar levels in a special way in which it inhibits enzymes that are converting carbohydrates in simple sugars. Kaempferol, protects cells from cancerous toxins. It also reduces risk of diabetes, heart disease and other diseases.


Arugula improves blood flow. It is very rich in antioxidants and flavonoids that combat some types of cancer and heart disease. Use arugula for preventing ulcer occurrence.


This plant contains kaempferol, which fights cancer cells, is able to lower blood sugar level, reduces inflammations and strengthens bones. Kale also contains zeaxanthin and lutein, compounds that help preventing eye related diseases and vision loss.

Chinese cabbage

This is one of the best sources of potassium, and potassium helps in the muscle building process and it also reduce high blood pressure. Chinese cabbage is rich in vitamin A. This vitamin strengthens the immunity.


It possesses great amount of vitamin K, which reduces plaque in blood vessels. It possesses abilities to reduce inflammation that is associated with some chronic diseases like arthritis. Some studies show that watercress consumption, in period of 2 months, will reduce the risk of getting cancer and levels of cholesterol in the blood by amazing 10%.