Learn How to Prepare Lemon Water Properly


People who maintain healthy lifestyle certainly know about lemon water. For those who have never heard of lemon water, the explanation follows. Lemon water is a mixture of warm water and fresh lemon juice. Lemon water is extremely healthy drink and it can help your organism get rid of toxins.

Toxins accumulate in the organism over time and affect the welfare of the digestive and immune system negatively.
Keri Glassman (media expert and renowned nutrition) says by drinking a glass of lemon water a day you will maintain the organism hydrated. It will also help you regulate appetite and improve digestion. You will gain the best result if you consume the beverage in the morning before breakfast.

Advocate for healthy food and nutritionist, Dana James, says this beverage possesses amazing properties for elimination and cleansing toxins from the body. She also says the detoxification process is activated by the lemon’s bitterness, which has the ability to remove fat-soluble toxins.

Proper preparation of lemon water

What most people foresee is lemon peel use. It is filled with flavonoids, which possess strong detoxification properties. What is very important is to use organic lemon, not pesticides-treated one.
For gaining the most of lemon’s medicinal properties and benefits you ought to add half a teaspoon of rind in the lemonade you usually consume.